Logistics Co-op



What are you passionate about? What fuels you to wake up the next morning, ready to give it your all? For us, it’s not actually logistics. We often say we’re in the business of developing people and building relationships – we just happen to move freight in the process.


Think of this co-op role as a ground floor opportunity to launch your career in logistics before graduation. We’re not about making copies and grabbing coffee – we want you to do real-world, resume-building work. You’ll be able to see the impact of your contributions on a daily basis.

The role involves working on our developing sales team – helping our sales department find transportation companies to physically move our shipments. You’ll be negotiating rates and following through to make sure all our loads are picking up and delivering on time.

You’ll learn the logistics industry, build relationships with carriers, get exposure to our sales process, and set yourself up for a transition into a logistics career. All while being surrounded by a supportive team who wants to help you succeed!

High level of interest in sales and operations

Be passionate about our vision: To build genuine relationships and grow together

Ability to make calls through strong phone communication skills

Thrive in a fast-paced, team-oriented sales work environment

Ability to negotiate with diverse clients


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