Weekly Market Update 9/5/2022

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We experienced a spike in rejections post Labor Day in both 2019 and 2020 until the end of the year when rejections peaked in mid-December near 15% and 28% respectively. While 2021 did see an increase in rejections up around 23% before Labor Day, rejections never made it back to those levels for

Weekly Market Update 8/1/2022

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August's Weekly Market Update dives into the recession and what it means for flatbed rejections and port bookings. Keep watching (or reading) for more! According to DAT, recent flatbed equipment post levels reached an all-time high, surpassing the previous record set in late 2019. YoY flatbed load-to-truck ratios supporting this notion: down 51%

Weekly Market Update 8/8/2022

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No advanced education required to see that this year’s back-to-school demand has had very little impact on seasonal truckload volumes unlike we’ve seen over the past two years. The contract market continues to take back spot market share as spot loads posted YoY fell 34% in July, and 26% MoM, while at the

Weekly Market Update 8/15/2022

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Little movement in Contract Load Accepted Volumes week-over-week. Still slightly above 2020 volumes and about 1000 bps below 2021 figures. Compared to the OTVI, the shift from spot to contract-heavy freight flows remains the narrative as the OTVI is performing well below '20 and '21 figures as it SLOWLY approaches 2019 numbers. According

Weekly Market Update 8/22/2022

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Contract accepted volumes from 2020 surpassed this year volumes for the first time late last week. The intersection coming at a time when spot rates have started pulling down contractual costs. According to DAT, domestic contract rates are coming in about $0.57/mile higher than spot rates. That’s a $0.07 decline from June on

Weekly Market Update 8/29/2022

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Both Ontario and LA rejections drop to '19 levels as compliance increases to 98%. The significant shift in market share from the west coast to the east coast, accompanied with slowed consumer demand, may be to blame even as conditions have clearly improved out west; trans-pacific rates continue to decline as inbound TEU

WNTM With Chris: Tender volumes down

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Bridge Logistics Sales Director, Chris Seeds, discusses his previous predictions of freight markets trending downward. Back in November of last year we put out an episode of What Not To Miss with Chris titled “Signs of Cooling,” where we looked at a number of indexes that were signaling a concern for a gradual softening within

DOT Week 2022: What to expect during a week of disruption

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The annual Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck will begin on Tuesday, May 17 and may put a further strain on supply chains. Shippers and carriers across America are preparing for the 72-hour event known as DOT Week, or DOT Blitz, where enforcement officials from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will be conducting an

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