Celebrating America’s Unsung Hero’s

We often don’t think about how our milk got on the shelves or how the computer you ordered got to your doorstep. Some of the unsung heroes in our nation are the truck drivers that deliver and pick up our goods—they are how supply and demand stays alive. Join Bridge Logistics in celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week September 12-18.

2020 was one of the toughest times for truckers across the nation. When the whole world shut down, truck drivers were deemed essential workers causing a greater need for as many drivers as ever. Remember when toilet paper started to disappear? You can thank overtime truck drivers for refilling those shelves quicker than ever. Director of Sales, Chris Seeds, says, “At the end of the day almost everything we consume, purchase, or use reaches its destination via truck. It’s easy to take for granted what hardships take place behind getting something from point A to point B. Truck drivers keep what we rely and count on every day available and accessible. Thank you for keeping our supply chain moving.”

As the country tries to rebound from a disastrous year, truck drivers have stayed consistent in delivering goods. These men and women hardly ever get the recognition they deserve, even on the front lines. Jim Campbell and Paul Lanham, the President’s of Bridge Logistics, say, “We owe a high level of respect and gratitude to America’s truck drivers. They keep our economy moving, food on our table, and clothes on our backs. They ARE the Backbone of America. Thank you to all drivers for their dedication, commitment, & service.”

This week is a way to show appreciation to those who keep America running. Join Bridge Logistics in #ThankATrucker and show gratitude to a trucker this week!


National truck driver appreciation