Salespeople Are _____.

Salespeople are _______.

If you ask just about anyone to fill in the blank on the above sentence, you’re most likely going to get answers like: Pushy. Sleazy. Annoying. Dishonest. Greedy.

Even a search on Google predicts words like: The worst. Bad sources of information. Liars.

The media portrays salespeople as being this way. Jordan Belfort lied and cheated his way to the top in Wolf of Wall Street. The company J.T. Marlin was founded on greed in Boiler Room. Movies and TV shows depict over and over the average salesperson as being deceitful.

But all of this is just a stereotype. An inaccurate representation of an entire industry.

As a sales organization, we have to fight these stereotypes every single day. Prospective clients don’t necessarily want another “sales call”. Prospective employees don’t necessarily want their job title to be “salesperson”. Because the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word sales is all of the negative portrayals.

These misconceptions are just that though: misconceptions.

Good salespeople are simply passionate about their product or service. They know that not every person is going to be a potential customer, and if they find out their offering doesn’t make sense for you, they’ll stop calling. They understand that at the end of the day, sales is about making the customer walk away happy. They know they won’t be able to have repeat sales if the initial one is built on lies.

If all salespeople were lying, pushy, annoying individuals, no one would buy a car or house and leave feeling excited about it. No one would be satisfied purchasing a wedding dress. And no one would ever answer a sales call.

But people are satisfied with help from a salesperson more often than not. We just don’t always see that in the media.

At Bridge, we know that the sale means nothing if we can’t follow through and deliver the service that we are providing. If we can’t find trucks for our shipments and communicate along the way, no one is going to continue doing business with us. There’s no point in being dishonest or greedy because we’d rather have our service speak for itself.

The stereotypes surrounding salespeople will probably prevail, but we’ll be fighting those myths everyday through honest communication and genuine relationships.

By Allison Walke, Talent Acquisition & Onboarding